Evan Johns and the H-Bombs

I’m not sure if white boys can play the blues, but ol’ Evan and the H-Bombs sure prove they can abuse them. Although Evan’s not even as old as the ’55 Stratocaster he molests, he is the leader of the new wave of Southern rockaround. That’s right, Southern rockaround – rockaround the rhythm, rockaround the blues, and even rockaround the rock.

Rockaround means Evan can toss a guitar break in ”Mind of My Own” that sounds like one of the Yardbirds  got epilepsy; or add Tex-Mex organ fills to “Pain of Love;” or drive ”Giddy Up Girl” through Echo Canyon; or even let the H-Bombs go Memphis rockabilly on “Don’t Be Late.” It’s more fun to trash the blues than to worship them, and besides, what are the choices when you sound like a redneck frog with ‘ too tight jeans and laryngitis.

Whenever Mr. Johns even gets a little serious, his guitar starts to explode or the H-Bombs drop on him, sounding at once half-crazed, urgent and at all loose ends. These songs feature Evan’s two guitar styles -broken glass and rusty nail. They both cut and wound.

This whole 10″ sounds edgy, jacked up, and high voltage enough to melt down. If that sounds as good to you as to me, don’t be late.

— Joseph Sasfy, Doctor of Rockology

More Coming!!

Evan Johns and the H-Bombs – The Jungle Record – JR 1008
Evan Johns and his H-Bombs – Please Mr. Santa Claus – JR 4001
Evan Johns and the H-Bombs – Giddy Up Girls – JR 4002 – 2019